Asher Roth, Improper Condom Use Debunked

by Bethany Davenport

Sex. That’s what this column is going to be all about: a no-bars-held-back discussion about sex that can include anything from virginity in college, where the best place to buy “goodies” is or even just information about the sex education system in Kentucky. If you have questions, then ask. Chances are at least one other person on campus has thought of it or at the very least would like you to know what exactly a clitoris is. Even if you aren’t a sexually deviant character and would just like to ask a simple sex education question, go ahead.

With that being said I would like to start off with a little tribute to Asher Roth and the song “I Love College.” Roth claims that through his college years he has learned a few lessons. A few of course involve his apparent drinking problem, but he includes two rules he’s learned that concern wonderful topic of sex.

His first rule is “Don’t have sex if she’s too gone, or on that note if he’s too gone.” This is one rule that he gets right. The best rule of thumb is that if it somehow doesn’t feel right then the best decision is to not do it. No matter how much your second brain thinks it wants to partake of the forbidden fruit, in the morning a lot of regrets can overshadow those feelings.

If anything unwanted “while you are too gone” does happen there are many resources on campus that you can utilize. To schedule an appointment with a campus counselor, e-mail or call the counseling office at 859-281-3682.

As his second rule, Roth says, “When it comes to condoms put two on.” Do not trust him on this. This little myth that it is safer to wear two condoms is completely “ri-dick-ulous.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and numerous condom manufacturers, the use of two condoms at the same time greatly increases the likelihood that both condoms will break during sex because of the amount of dry friction occurring between them.

Having a condom break during sex is already bad enough since the average condom is only 90 percent effective when used properly. If you need more information on condom usage, just ask Laina Smith, Transylvania’s school nurse, or visit a major condom manufacturer’s website such as or

One well-lubricated condom is the safest and best type of condom. Trust me and the CDC.

The most important thing to remember during sex is to use your head. Sex can be just as fun when you are being safe and responsible. That’s why most erotica still include the obligatory “and he grabbed a condom” sentence. It just makes more sense to be precautious than it does to contract STDs or conceive babies.
If you have anything else you want to add or any questions that this article has made you think of, feel free to contact me at


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