Athlete of the Week: Evan Sizemore

by Erica Clark

Due to head-to-head competition in high school sports, first-year Evan Sizemore from Versailles, Ky., used to call many first-year members of Transylvania men’s soccer team his enemies. This year, however, he calls those same men teammates.

Since the age of five, Sizemore has been kicking around a soccer ball in full uniform.

First-year Evan Sizemore is already showing leadership qualities on and off of the field. He hopes to improve over the four years of his collegiate career.

“My parents signed me up,” Sizemore said. “It was like one of those recreational leagues, and I’ve been playing ever since, all year.”
Sizemore was recruited because of his skill and leadership as a high school player, so head coach Brandon Bowman hopes to witness these strengths and to aid Sizemore’s development during his four years on the team.

So far Bowman is pleased with what he sees.

“Evan is a hard worker, always looking to improve,” Bowman said. “Even as a freshman he is showing leadership qualities that usually develop later in a college career.”
Sizemore sees quite a difference between high school and college soccer.

“In high school no one took practices seriously,” said Sizemore. “Here, it’s so much better. All of the upperclassmen are pretty demanding of us and we work hard in practice. We definitely have fun, but it’s more serious.”

Sizemore is adjusting to this different level of competition.

“I’ve had to start playing quicker and talking more to try and be more of a leader,” Sizemore said.

But Bowman believes he has had no problem adapting to the higher speed and physicality of college soccer.

“Evan matches up very well with other teams’ upperclassmen. … He is both a leader through words and actions,” said Bowman. “He is always working hard, doing the things we ask of him. He also knows when to say things to his teammates to motivate them.”

Still, Sizemore has areas of his game he wishes to polish.

“I’d like to improve my technical foot skills, and I would like to be able to better articulate the message I want to get across to the other players,” Sizemore said.

Playing the position of center back, Sizemore’s goal is to help prevent the other team from scoring.

“We want to keep a shutout every game,” said Sizemore.

So far, the team has maintained a shutout in half of its games. Working together isn’t a problem for this team.

“We are actually a really close group of guys,” Sizemore said. “We have great team chemistry. We’re getting ready to turn it on and be really good in the next week or so.”

Their next challenge is this Saturday, Oct. 9, at 4 p.m. when they will host conference co-leader Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.


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