Letter to the Editor: Parking a Problem for Commuters

Dear Editor,

I am a senior commuting student who, as told by the Department of Public Safety, should be able to park in the “commuter” lot to the left of the art building (when crossing Fourth Street). Although there’s not a sign anywhere, the parking map clearly shows that only commuters are allowed to park there. So why, when I come to class, are there first-year cars parked in this lot?

After realizing that the majority of spots in this designated “commuter” area is filled with first-years, I checked the parking regulations, which state first-years are only allowed to park in either the two “F” lots or in general parking — nowhere does it say they can park in the commuter lot.

I have written to DPS of this situation and have received no reply, so I hope the newspaper can help me spread the word. Either there needs to be a specific, reasonable number of first-years allowed to bring their cars to school, or Transy needs to invest in some additional parking to accommodate them.

I am tired of maneuvering through other lost commuter cars and parking along side streets when I see first-year cars sitting in the lot I should have a decent chance of parking in. I’d positively love for a sign to be put up authorizing that the lot is for commuters only, but I’d settle for first-years to be aware of this problem and stop parking there. Just let me park in the lot I paid for!

Angel Lucas ’11


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