SGA Pushes Amendment to Student Body Vote

Staff Report

Late Wednesday night, the Student Government Association voted, without nays, to have the student body vote to amend the constitution to create a “disabilities and accommodations liaison.”

However, for this amendment to become official, two-thirds of the student body must agree.

What will be voted on by the student body, however, is not the original amendment submitted to SGA — changes were made to the amendment during the meeting.
As originally proposed, the amendment would not only create a disabilities and accommodations liaison but would also establish that position as part of SGA’s executive council.

During consideration, senior Prya Murad made the motion to remove the section of the amendment that established the liaison as an EC position and instead make the liaison a member of SGA’s student life committee.

After debate, this change was voted into place by the full senate. The only nay came from senior Jessica Short, who was also the senator who proposed the original amendment as a whole.

Attempts to contact Short after the meeting were unsuccessful.

According to senior Daniel Cooper, SGA’s constitution committee chairman, the constitution committee will soon meet to discuss the changes that the full senate made to the amendment, and make any nonsubstantive changes (changes that effect only the amendment’s wording, not its purpose as a whole) they see necessary.

During the meeting, which lasted over an hour, senators were also appointed to the four trustee committees. Sophomore Kaitlin Hizny and first-year Kayarash Karimian were appointed to the trustee committee on academic affairs, junior Emily Evans and first-year Daniel Barber were appointed to the trustee committee on student life, sophomore Brittany Rebalsky and first-year Sydney Katz were appointed to the trustee physical plant committee, and sophomore Andrew Goff and first-year Carly Wynn were appointed to the trustee committee on admissions and financial aid.

The meeting also marked the first for first-year senators, who were sworn in during the meeting. Also sworn in were three upperclassmen who were nominated during the meeting to fill vacated senate seats.

President Owen Williams was in attendance throughout the meeting.

“I think it shows that (President Williams) wants to be connected to what we’re doing,” said senior Jessica Beard, SGA president.


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