Course Registration Hits The Internet

by Daniel Cooper

The wait is over.

After years of standing in long lines at 6 in the morning, duking it out with the registrar to get desired classes and physically signing up for every single one of those classes, Transylvania University is bringing online registration to its students.

Online registration, which will be a feature of TNet, will make the registration process more convenient for students, as well as increase the fairness of class distribution, according to Michelle Rawlings, the assistant registrar.

“It’s also in keeping with the university’s sustainability efforts, as online registration will save paper,” Rawlings said.

Transy’s online registration will be available to students beginning in November 2010 to register for winter term 2011. Other than registration being available online, the only major change will be that students will no longer register according to their class standing but rather by how many course units they have earned. They will, however, continue to register alphabetically.

“Students will still be required to meet with their adviser prior to registering, but they will no longer pick up their registration form. The adviser must lift students’ holds (electronically) so that they can register,” Rawlings said.

Dropping and adding courses has also been made simpler by moving to an online form. The form is located under the “Registration” heading on the main student’s menu on TNet.

If a student is unable to register online, the registrar’s office will help him or her.

Rawlings said, however, “Registering in the registrar’s office will actually place students at a disadvantage because other students will be registering online and a class may fill while they are waiting for assistance in the office.”

While new for Transy, online registration has been a staple at neighboring colleges.

Spencer Barrett, a junior at Eastern Kentucky University, offered some insight on how the process works.

“(Online registration) can get hectic when it first opens. Around midnight, when it usually opens to begin registration, the system can be fairly slow,” Barrett said.
Transy, however, has put measurers in place to help prevent this from happening.

“We’re only allowing a maximum of 80 students to register at a time,” said Rawlings.

Rawlings recognized that the switch to online registration may seem daunting to some.

“We have tested the system with multiple students registering at the same time, and the only problems we had were conflicting course times or lack of prerequisites, all things that we dealt with in the old system of registration. … We just want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible,” said Rawlings.

A list of instructions for online registration and an outline of the dates for registration can be found on the E-Registrar’s website under the “Registration and Instruction Dates ’11” link. The registrar’s office has also given training to all faculty advisers so that they can assist students if there are any questions.

There will be student training sessions every Friday in October from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. in Cowgill Center 206.

“They are very informal and students can stop in at their convenience. Students should expect the training/demo to take just 10 to 15 minutes,” Rawlings said.


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