Letter to the Editor: Response to ‘Unzipped and Uncensored’

Dear Editor,

I have a few concerns about Bethany Davenport’s new advice column, “Unzipped and Uncensored.”

I think that a column that educates students on the health and safety aspects of sex is a great idea, but I feel that Bethany’s happy-go-lucky approach to this subject is somewhat less than appropriate, especially in a newspaper that represents a school as prominent and refined as Transy. Bethany has many valuable things to say, but I think they are often lost amid the crass innuendo which peppers her writing. It almost feels as if she is using her column to indirectly celebrate promiscuity without taking seriously the emotional and physical consequences of reckless sexual activity. That last part, I feel, would be a much more significant topic to write about than “How to handle too large a package.”

Laura Eigelbach ’13


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