Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The students of Transylvania have chosen of their own volition to attend one of the most difficult, if not the most difficult, school in the state.

Further, the body of work required of students to gain entrance into Transy shows a level of responsibility uncommon to 18-year-olds. Despite this, the administration at Transy has seen fit to create new, strict guidelines dictating to us how to go about our business here. As if this is not enough they pursue these ends under the guise of protecting us from ourselves when they dictate to us what we should and shouldn’t find pleasurable (“drinking shot after shot of booze to blot out the present, is the very opposite of pleasure”). While this may be true for members of the President’s Advisory Council, the very fact that students choose to do just that seems to counteract her claim.

The greatest failing of the alcohol policy, in my opinion, is that it makes students less safe. I do not believe that students are going to stop drinking. If they cannot drink on campus then they will simply drink off-campus. This is in and of itself worse in terms of drinking safety because there will be no DPS to help when emergency situations arise. This, coupled with Transy’s unwillingness to allow people to move off-campus until they are 21, means that people will be forced to walk back to campus through increasingly unsafe neighborhoods or, worse, drive.

J.J. Beasley ’12

Dear Editor,

I know by now the good people of this school have all heard about this so-called paperless initiative that Transylvania is trying to attain. Just a few days ago, I ran across something which I feel directly went against the preachings I have heard over the past two months. All students received in their mailbox a directory containing valuable information. Normally, this would not have bothered me because it is a normal thing which most established places hand out. But the main reason, the main cause of me writing this letter, was to ask why was Transy doing this? I was under the impression that we were trying to be forerunners in the goal of becoming as close to a paperless school as we could be. This 53-page directory is a great waste of paper due to the fact that almost all of the information in this can be attained via Transy’s website. Most of the new implications on the paperless initiative have been geared towards the faculty and staff of this school. Now I am not a huge fan of going entirely paperless, but I believe that if the true goal of this paperless goal is to be paperless, then simple things such as the directory could be eliminated. I feel that if we were to so, since the directory is already accessible online, then Transy would truly be moving towards a paperless goal instead of just looking good on paper while making a bit of money to boot.

Matt Matheny ’13


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