TU VolleyBall Kills Previous Record

by Abby Ferguson

The Transylvania women’s volleyball team has taken advantage of both its recruiting class and its team chemistry. The women have now improved to a 23-6 record and have more goals they want to accomplish. By achieving this record they are exceeding the expectations of many people.

“This year is going very well. No one in the conference has expected us to do what we are doing. We were preseason picked seventh in the conference and we are now in second place,” said head coach Casey Dale.

The women have shown their ability to win on the court and have the stats to prove it. They have improved on their win total from last year and have broken the all-time record for both conference and overall wins. Dale believes this is “a step in the right direction for Transylvania women’s volleyball.”

The players are excited about how the season is going and hope to have a chance to host the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference championships.

“This is by far the best season I have ever had at Transy, and I think our record is proof of that. We have been working really hard all season to get to where we are now, and to have an opportunity to possibly host conference is pretty exciting,” said junior Blayke Herman.

“To have over 20 wins is unbelievable; it’s hard to find the exact words to describe it. As a senior I couldn’t ask for a better season,” said Jordan Geisen.

One of the biggest attributing factors to the women’s success is the first-year class. They have stepped up and have helped the women reach the level they are at now.

“I think that this year has been different because of Coach Dale’s recruiting class. We’ve got so many talented players and, combined with our upperclassmen, our team has elevated to a new level,” said Geisen.

“We only have four upperclassmen, so the freshmen really had to step up and fill some roles on the team,” said Herman.

Although the recruiting class has come up big for the team, the entire team has been dedicated to bringing the volleyball program to the next level.

“All of us are dedicated to making this team stronger and making the Transy volleyball program known as a top team,” said Herman.

“They are not satisfied with being mediocre. … They want to win and will do what it takes to win,” said Dale. “All of these players want to win a conference and national championship. These are very high goals and we have told them what they need to do in order to achieve these goals.”

Dale believes that even though these women are bringing the Transy volleyball program to new heights, they are achieving more than that.

“It can be hard to balance academics and athletics, but we are really happy about where we are heading academically,” said Dale.

Another reason for their success is their unique team dynamic, which has helped them become a strong force on the court.

“We have faced teams that have had a couple of really good players. We have beaten those teams because we are a well-balanced team and are able to see production out of all our players,” said Dale.

Although the women have been successful, there are still aspects of the game they want to improve on. These women are not settling for anything.

“Our biggest weakness right now is consistency and staying focused during practice. We keep talking about making sure we’re continuing to get better and not being satisfied for our current results,” said Dale.

“Our goal in the beginning of the year was to make it to the conference tournament, which we have succeeded, and now we dare to dream bigger,” said Geisen.
Their next contest is this Friday at 7 p.m. at Centre College. Saturday they will be taking on Manchester College and Spalding University at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at home.


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