Exploring the ‘Dark Continent’

by Bethany Davenport

There once was a “dark continent.” Sigmund Freud was the first to identify this “dark continent” and he considered it to be extremely mysterious. Often unpredictable, its exact location had a way of sneaking up on individuals as well as staying in the shadows when anyone visited. Today we call this unknown territory the female orgasm.

An orgasm, as defined by Alfred Kinsey, the founder of sexology, is “an explosive discharge of neuromuscular tension.” Freud was the first to identify that women, unlike their male counterparts, had two different types of these “explosions.” Oh yes, not just one type of orgasm, but two.
The first type of classified orgasms for females comes from an often forgotten about place, the clitoris. Clitoral orgasms come from stimulation of the clitoris, which is located just above the vagina.

The female clitoris has about 8,000 nerve endings, which is almost twice that of the male penis. Therefore, an orgasm from clitoral stimulation can be extra explosive. Even though the clitoris is extremely sensitive, the area is often ignored.

Even though there are plenty of other places to stimulate women, the clitoris can be a good starting point in getting her to go over the top.

Clitoral orgasms are more common than the second type for females, vaginal orgasms. According to Christine Webber and Dr. David Delvin in their book “The Big O,” only 32 percent of women are able to orgasm through sexual intercourse alone. Compare that to the average 95 percent of men who achieve orgasm through sexual intercourse. Orgasms of this nature are often harder since the bundle of nerve endings associated with vaginal orgasms varies in size in women and a penis can sometimes not stimulate this area during intercourse. This bundle of nerves, called the G spot, is found along the front wall, the part of the vagina closest to the belly button. This illustrious spot has a different texture from the rest of the vagina. Instead of being smooth it has a more rigid feel and when pressure is applied, it will swell up.

Techniques to help achieve both types of orgasms include consistent pressure in a rhythmic pattern. This can either be in circular motions or a side-to-side way.
Orgasms in women are varied. It would be easier if all women achieved orgasm in a similar way, but this is not the case. The easiest way to know which type of orgasm your partner prefers or can reach is to communicate. Ask what type of stimulation is preferred, this way an orgasm can be more easily reached by both. Also remember, no matter what you do, keep protection in on the fun.

If you have any questions send them to bbdavenport13@transy.edu.


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