Quidditch Team Recognized at World Cup

by Elizabeth Davis

The Transylvania Animagi made their debut this past weekend at the Quidditch World Cup in New York City, and their determination and love of the sport has gained them recognition on the pitch, onscreen and online.

“The competition was intense!” said senior Kristen Grenier, the team’s captain.

The 45 other teams involved at the World Cup included Harvard, Yale and New York Universities as well as Middlebury College. The World Cup was sponsored by the International Quidditch Association, which promotes quidditch at both the high school and college levels.

Although Transylvania went 0-3 in tournament play, the amount of enthusiasm they had truly showed through in their play on the pitch.

This perseverance was especially evident in their final game against the College of Charleston. Transy’s defense throughout the match forced Charleston to make sloppy passes and uncoordinated movements that threw them off for most of the game. Charleston made a heartbreaking comeback, but the loss didn’t dampen the Animagi’s mood.

Their fellow competitors were impressed.

“We earned quite a reputation during the cup,” said Grenier. “By the end, we had so many teams coming to ask us to scrimmage with them or tell us how ‘classy’ we were. … In a lot of ways, the reputation we developed and the approval we earned were worth much more to me and the rest of the team than being supercompetitive.”

First-year Zachery Stanley agreed.

“No matter how people talked about us, it was still fun,” said Stanley. “I’m glad we got to go.”

The event, held in De Witt Clinton Park, featured teams from all over North America and has been held annually for the past four years.

“To see the World Cup and realize that the whole massive event was put on by a group of students and young adults was astounding,” Grenier said.

But what was even more thrilling to the Animagi was the press coverage they received for their participation in the World Cup.

The team was featured on MTV’s “The Seven” playing a scrimmage match against host Kevin Manno that was filmed for the show. In addition, Time magazine’s Techland blog named Transy “perhaps our favorite team” when covering the Animagi’s matches.

“It was really humbling,” said first-year Tori Lantrip of the press coverage. “None of us really expected it. It’s kind of nice being minicelebrities.”

The coverage continued after the Animagi arrived back at Transy, as Lexington TV sources paid a visit to the exhibition match that was held Wednesday night.

“I’m just astounded,” said Erika Lindström of the local and national support. “I feel like this is a fairy tale, like this isn’t happening. I’m so proud of our team.”

Grenier said the team’s experience at the cup went far beyond the pitch.

“The Transylvania Animagi had a wonderful time in our first foray into international quidditch competition. We may have finished 0-3, but we played with heart and grew as a team. We made new friends from all over the country and have returned to campus with a lot of ideas and enthusiasm about the future of Transylvania Quidditch.”


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