Athlete of the Week: Ashley Hatfield

by Abby Ferguson

First-year forward Ashley Hatfield from Pikeville, Ky., has been a versatile player for Transylvania’s men’s basketball team.

“His ability to play multi-positions gives us an opportunity to move him around and exploit any advantage we think we have,” said head coach Brian Lane.

First-year Ashley Hatfield is one of the top three-point shooters in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference with a 42.6 percentage beyond the arc.

Hatfield’s 6-foot-6-inch build causes teams to be more physical and makes it hard for him to stand comfortably down low.

“His size allows him to play several different positions on the floor and he has been shooting the basketball really well,” Lane said. “He can create his own shot and can become an even better passer as more teams try to get physical with him.”

In the Anderson University game, Hatfield had his hands full with players trying to get physical.

“He still took great shots and was able to get us going offensively despite having a guy fouling the heck out of him,” said Lane.

With a Kentucky state tournament under his belt, Hatfield, according to Lane, “came into Transy with a great deal of ‘big game’ experience.”

“All that experience of playing in big games and alongside great guys has helped a lot with making a smooth transition into college basketball,” said Hatfield.

In addition to his state championship win, Hatfield was selected to play as a Kentucky all-star in a series against the Indiana all-stars this past summer.

Although his experience has been crucial this season, his height has also allowed him to become a major factor on offense.

“He has a great knack for making tough shots,” said Lane. “His height gives him the ability to shoot over people and he is a very smart basketball player. As he gains more strength in the offseason, he will continue to get better and better.”

Height is not the only reason why Hatfield stands out among his teammates. Lane noticed that his experience in the game of basketball gives him leverage, but also knew his confidence on the court would separate him.

“I spoke with our freshman during orientation that I did not want them to come in and feel like they should just lay back and wait their turn to play. We need immediate scoring help and Ashley has been able to produce,” said Lane.

Hatfield gives a great deal of credit to his fellow teammates and his coaches, who offer advice on his performance throughout the season.

“I think my personal success is mainly due to my teammates and coaches showing me things I need to work on and helping me in the process of improving,” said Hatfield.

As one of the top 3-point shooters in the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference, Hatfield will be a vital factor come tournament time and in regular-season play.


One Response to Athlete of the Week: Ashley Hatfield

  1. Evie says:

    Way to go Ashley! We are so proud of you!

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