Jagger Promoted to Multifaceted Role

by Alicia Reinersman

Kathleen Jagger, behind a glowing computer screen and a heaping pile of paperwork, has welcomed the new year with a very busy work schedule due to her recent promotion. Jagger is the newly appointed associate vice president and associate dean of Transylvania University.

Jagger describes her new position as “the same job ... but full time.”

Jagger began her career at Transy in the fall of 2002 as aa biology professor. Since then, she has moved up within the Transy community. Four years ago, she gained some administrative authority; however, as her responsibilities increased, it became clear that working half time was not enough.

“What I’ve been doing for the last four years just can’t be done in half time,” Jagger said.

Though Jagger’s promotion gives her a new title, she describes it as “the same job, but full time,” meaning that she will carry many of her previous responsibilities with her.

Jagger’s position entails working with the multiple facets of the Transy experience. Whether it is helping students on academic probation develop plans for recovery, working with University 1111 classes, training advisers, preparing for the reaccreditation process or developing new initiatives, Jagger is constantly busy. However, it is for a cause.

“With President (Owen) Williams here, we have a lot of new initiatives and new ways of thinking about what we do. There is a lot of maintenance involved in trying to maximize opportunities and the probability of success for the students,” she said.

Many of the changes that are underway are in the direct interest of the students. Starting in 2012, there will be an August term for first-year students, according to Jagger. She suggested that this would be much like May term but geared toward the process of helping first-years become acclimated to the demands of Transy.

Jagger is also working with Kathy Simon, the director of study abroad and special programs, and Dr. William Pollard, Vice Preisdent and Dean of the College, to help prepare students for international and national scholarships like the Rhodes and Fulbright. Diversifying the curriculum is also one of Jagger’s priorities.

“We are globally diverse, but not diverse in the (sense of the) typical American population,” she said.

Even with her immense workload, Jagger is still going to teach.

“It was part of the agreement. I like teaching too much to be able to give it up entirely,” she said.

Due to the lack of time for preparation, she is going to be instructing courses that are primarily non-lab. Jagger plans to do some team-teaching with other professors in areas that will be complementary to the biology curriculum.

This term, she is teaching a bioethics course with Dr. Jack Furlong, a philosophy professor. She may have even convinced Pollard to follow her footsteps; he might also teach a course in the fall.

Though Jagger will be facing many challenges with her new position, she is ambitious and happy.

“I’m excited about the new possibilities of what I’ll be doing, (and) I appreciate the confidence President Williams and Dean Pollard have in me in giving me the opportunity to do this,” she said.

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