New Year Brings ‘New and Shiny’ Technology

by Elizabeth Davis

A new year means new technology for Transylvania’s information technology (IT) department. IT’s latest developments for students include a mobile application, updated print quotas and TV monitors around campus with a rolling feed of Columns Daily.

Director of Information Technology Jason Whitaker said the mobile app will be available for iPods and iPhones, as well as Androids and BlackBerry phones that employ the Torch operating system.

Demonstrating with both iPhone and BlackBerry, IT senior programmer and analyst Krista Story related that the app provides a newsfeed of Columns and Transy’s Twitter account, as well as a list of important phone numbers, a campus map and a calendar of Transy events.

Transy’s TNet vendor Datatel provides the app, which has only been out for around a year.

“It’s still pretty new and shiny,” Whitaker said.

Eventually, the IT department hopes to install a portal that will allow students to view their course schedules and faculty office hours through the app.
Datatel’s info-savvy nature was a key to the application’s installment.

“Datatel’s very tuned in to higher education,” said Whitaker, “and mobile apps are becoming ubiquitous. They’re a great way for students and faculty to connect.”

In addition to convenience for students, the app would also provide visitors to campus with information to add to their Transy experience.

“Prospective students can download the app. If we had a guest speaker coming, we could direct them to it, and kids from (Governor’s School for the Arts) could use it,” said Story.

Those who want to download the app should search for “MOX” (Datatel’s term for mobile access) in the iTunes App Store, Android Market or BlackBerry App World.

Students will also notice that their print quotas have increased substantially this semester. Whitaker said these new quotas reflect the demand each class had for paper last semester, a demand which increased with seniority. Seniority, and not major, determined the quotas.

Printing will still be free through the end of this semester, although IT will now scrutinize giving out additional printing credits.

Finally, through the use of digital signage, IT will be installing televisions around campus with a rolling feed of Columns.

IT has targeted high-traffic zones for these monitors. The prototype of this new technology will be installed in the library, and IT anticipates that it will install more monitors in the Beck Center and outside the cafeteria.


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