Student’s Business Wears Many Hats

by Victoria Sullivan

Ever stare longingly at the shelves of crafts at Third Street Stuff, wishing that you had the skills to create that adorable scarf or snuggly hat? Transylvania junior Daisey Gilpin doesn’t have to.

Daisey Gilpin

Since last summer, she has worked hard crafting all kinds of fleece hats, ranging from bats to foxes and, most recently, Pokémon. Although it started as just a way to kill summer boredom, Gilpin has turned it into a small business, one that is open to anyone wishing to make a purchase.

Gilpin described her work as being similar to the hats you might have seen in stores (like Third Street Stuff) or comic conventions like Comic-Con in California. However, Gilpin feels that what makes her work special is the painstaking care with which she creates her pieces.

“The difference between mine and theirs is that they use sewing machines. Mine are all handmade,” Gilpin said.

Hours of work will go into a hat, so the buyer can be sure that no matter what, it will have a unique character that sets it apart. To see some great examples of Gilpin’s work, her hats will be featured as costumes in one of the performances at A Night at the Cabaret.

How does Gilpin do it? The process is remarkably simple, one that just about anyone with a little bit of patience could pick up.

Gilpin prints out the basic patterns for the hats from the Internet, and her materials she often finds on sale. This makes the hats quite reasonable in price: Each hat is $15-$20, depending on the complexity of the request. However, Gilpin has asked that all requests be withheld until after Cabaret, as she has been extremely busy preparing the hats for the aforementioned performance.

If you are looking for a cute and functional way to stay cozy this winter, Gilpin’s got you covered.


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