Lane Passes Rose for No. 3 in Wins

by Abby Ferguson

This past week Transylvania’s men’s head basketball coach, Brian Lane, won his 161st game, which moved him into third place on Transy’s all-time wins list. Lane still trails Don Lane (509) and C.M. Newton (176). after jumping ahead of Lee Rose (160).

Transylvania President Owen Williams, left, and Director of Athletics Jack Ebel, not pictured, honored head men’s basketball coach Brian Lane, right, prior to Transy’s game against Bluffton University on Saturday.

With the win, Lane passed Lee Rose (160), who, after leaving behind a successful eight-year tenure as Transy’s head coach, went on to take two trips to the NCAA Division I Final Four, five National Invitation Tournament appearances and a coaching career in the National Basketball Association.

When talking about Rose, Lane spoke of nothing but his respect and admiration for him. Rose understood where he came from and that Transy was an important part in his coaching career.

“He never forgot his Transy roots. I really appreciate that,” said Lane. “I had him talk to one of my teams early in my career, and we could tell how much being a Transy grad meant to him. What a terrific basketball mind and an even better ambassador for Transylvania.”

Lane enjoys working at Transy because of the athletes he gets to interact with on a daily basis. For that very reason, Lane returned to Transy to coach.

“I really enjoy recruiting and coaching the caliber of young men that we have here at Transy. They work hard in the classroom, they work hard on the court and they represent this great university the way every single alum out there wants to be represented,” said Lane. “It was one of the biggest things that drew me back to my alma mater.”

Lane wants his players to realize they have a responsibility to more than just the fans in the stands. People from all over want to see Transy succeed and Lane has stressed that to his team.

“We won’t have several thousand fans at every game but I guarantee you there are thousands out there that follow us, know how we are playing and want us to win conference titles and make trips to the NCAA tournaments,” said Lane. “We don’t pretend to be bigger than we are but we do expect to be among the very best where we are.”

Lane realizes that basketball is more than just a sport; it is preparation for life outside of college. He wants his players to realize what they are doing on the basketball court is a part of something bigger than themselves.

“All my personal goals are tied to the team,” Lane said. “We try to make our guys better than even they think they can be. We want them to be active on our campus in something other than sports. We work hard to prepare them for situations in life, not just basketball.”

His goal is to have the players learn more about the real world through basketball and become better men in the process.

“When they graduate, I want them to be able to really understand that playing basketball at Transylvania is more than just playing basketball,” said Lane. “It is preparation in life to go out and do something big. Impact lives. Be a great husband and father. Share and be generous with your time. Show people respect, exude class at all times and never forgot how hard you had to work to be one of the best in the country. Success is not accidental.”

This season has looked a little different than the coaching staff was planning on, but players have stepped up and taken on important roles.

“I love the fact that we had guys ready to step into important roles and contribute,” said Lane. “We will be a better team come February because of the experience some guys have gotten that they otherwise may not have.”

As one of the “most interesting years” at Transy, Lane explained how he and his coaching staff “laid out the blueprint for this year’s season in mid-September” but because of injuries have had to “rework the blueprint about four or five times.”

As for this season, Lane knows that the return of players that have missed time due to injuries will provide the team new opportunities for success.

“(The men) can still show significant improvement day to day, maybe more so than almost any team in the country,” Lane said. “We need to be ready for late February and, with the character and leadership we have on this team, I would be very surprised if we were not up to the challenge.”


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