Potential Harms of SB 6

Dr. Brian Rich further commented on the potential harms SB 6 could inflict upon Kentucky. He had the following to say: “This bill is especially bad for Kentucky: 1) because it will be very costly to involve state and local police in a federal task. Estimated cost will be at least $40 million per year, which doesn’t include all the local police involvement . Kentucky is in no position to increase its fiscal deficit and budget problems in this way; 2) The criminal justice system, especially our jails, are already over capacity and this will make that situation even worse, increasing attention to undocumented immigrants will make the court situation even worse also; 3) It will also break trust between immigrants and the local the police which we here in Lexington have spent 15 years building; 4) tourism to Kentucky will be hurt very badly, with great losses of income of tourists who will avoid us like the plague; 5) our state economy will be hurt b/c immigrants, including the undocumented, are carrying out important work in the horse, farm, hospitality, tourism, and other important sectors, including domestic service. These sectors will indeed have trouble recruiting workers; 6) finally, the human suffering that will occur if this bill is implemented will affect 10s of thousands of immigrants and refugees, including racial profiling, harassment, public discrimination, and violation of human rights.”


One Response to Potential Harms of SB 6

  1. david barron says:

    los imigrantes en ky nadamas su unicodelito estravajar ya que aportan inpuestos que muchos de eyos no puedencobrar tanvien aportan ala economia de estados unidos muchos dicen que lequitan el travjo alos americanos perolounico que les quitan sonlos travajos quelos americanos noloarian por un minimo de 10 dolares por hora de salario por eso lespedimos paren porfavor con esas leyes migratorias injustas////////////////

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