Transy to Continue Annual Cabaret Tradition

by Christian Marnon

Alicia Reinersman

Are you desperate for color and vivacity in these drab winter months? Look no further than “As Seen on TV,” this year’s theme for Transylvania’s annual showing of An Evening at the Cabaret.

For those unfamiliar with Cabaret, it is a melding of comedy, musical theater and dance. Cabaret differs from other concerts in that it focuses on providing visual and dramatic entertainment rather than solely musical elements. Transy’s Cabaret was ultimately founded as a way for students to experience and partake in musical theater.
Seniors Jordan White and Matt Elmore, both choir managers and student coordinators for Cabaret, are two of the main people behind the production, and they have been working diligently to provide Transy with this experience. In addition to White and Elmore, Dr. Gary Anderson, music program director, and Devon Query, faculty director and technical coordinator of the Mitchell Fine Arts Center, have been helping ensure the success of the 2011 Cabaret.

The audience can expect to hear from the Transy Choir, Transy Singers, Pioneer Voices, Formerly Known As, Grace Notes, a house band and several other groups and duets. There will be selections from “Family Guy,” “Pokémon,” “The Simpsons,” “Glee” and more, according to Elmore. More specifically, the Transy Choir will be performing two Glee numbers, which will be composed of “Like a Prayer” and a medley. The Transy Singers and Pioneer Voices will also be performing a medley of 1960’s TV show theme songs.

“Cabaret is a nice opportunity to see a variety of acts performed by a variety of people in and out of the music department,” said Elmore.

To accompany the music, there will also be some dancing done by the choirs. Because of this, White described this event as the one performance the music department has that is most like show choir. The choreography has been done by senior Ashley Stafford.

“(Ashley) has done a really nice job,” said White.

Those participating in Transy’s Cabaret have dedicated hours of practice in order to perfect their acts.

“Cabaret is a blast, because it is really a show put on by the students,” said senior Matt Bradley, who is involved in both the Transylvania Choir and Formerly Known As. “We put in hours of hard work making sure we have a show that not only sounds great, but looks stunning, as well.”
First-year Melissa Steinkamp agreed that preparing for the show was a “soul-sucking” amount of work, but she couldn’t say enough about the fun involved in her Cabaret experience.

“Cabaret has allowed me to become closer to my fellow sopranos and to the choir as a whole,” Steinkamp said. “It’s a fun way to blow off a little stress caused by schoolwork, and it allows Transy students to really showcase their talents.”

For all those interested in experiencing the thrills of themed live music, An Evening at the Cabaret: “As Seen on TV” will be held in Carrick Theater, which is located in MFA, at 7:30 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. Tickets are $10 for the general public and $5 for the Transy community.


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