Pioneer Club Aims to Boost TU Sports Fan Base

by Abby Ferguson

In an effort to enhance the athletics department, Transylvania has created the Pioneer Club. The Pioneer Club is set to meet the first Monday of every month. These monthly meetings will be held in the William T. Young Campus Center.

The reason behind participating in the Pioneer Club is to give faculty, staff, alumni, parents and friends the chance to support Transy’s athletics program. Those who contribute will be helping enhance the budget of the athletic teams and programs. These contributions will also be used for equipment, special trips and anything else that may help the student-athletes.

“The Pioneer Club is an effort to galvanize our alumni and supporters in the community to help the athletics program at Transy,” said Director of Athletics Jack Ebel.

Transy formerly had the T-Club, a support group that had been at the university for quite some time, but it disbanded in 2000.

“We have now started a new group, and it is different from the old group but has many of the same objectives,” said Ebel.

Pioneer Club participants will be given the opportunity to involve themselves in projects such as the Pioneer Hall of Fame induction ceremony and dinner, the Transy Golf Classic and other events involving the recognition of alumni.

Contributions for alumni will differ depending on when they graduated. If they graduated within the last four years they would give $25 annually; within five to seven years, $50 annually; and eight or more years ago, $100 annually.

Those who are a part of the Transy community, such as faculty, staff and students, along with others in the community, can join by contributing $100 annually.
Each Pioneer Club meeting will consist of coaches reporting about their teams. Either they will tell of their success from the previous season or give those attending a glimpse of what they see happening in the upcoming season.

In its first meeting, Ebel explained the objectives and goals for the Pioneer Club and gave a wrap-up of the fall teams.
The meetings are for local members and with this group, said Ebel, they also intend to “have alumni reunions in connection with games as an additional way to connect with former athletes.”

As for its next meeting on Feb. 7, the Pioneer Club will feature coaches from basketball, swimming, and track and field reporting on their teams and giving an update on current conference races.

“We also will hear from softball, baseball and tennis since they open play before our next meeting. I will talk a little about the membership drive and projected plan for expenditures from our fundraising efforts,” said Ebel.

Some benefits of participating in the Pioneer Club include meeting coaches, student-athletes and the athletics staff as well as hearing updates of the athletics program.

“As we continue to move the program forward, this initiative will be an important phase in the athletic program’s development,” said Ebel.


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