From SGA to ASB

by Josh Travis

Oh, what a difference a year can make.

At this time last year, members of the Transylvania student organization Alternative Spring Break were receiving news that the Student Government Association could not grant funding for its annual philanthropy trip. This news came as a result of a clause in the SGA constitution, which stated that it could not grant funding to any organizations for travel and foods costs.

However, thanks to an amendment made last year to the SGA constitution, Alternative Spring Break was successfully granted funding last night for its trip to Washington, D.C.

The amendment outlines that food and travel expenses for community-service-oriented organizations would be grounds for a funding request.

“For service organizations, their only operating cost is for travel, so it seems practical to grant them the money,” said junior Josh Edge, SGA secretary. “We are more willing to grant funds to things we wouldn’t normally grant funds for if we realize that the cause will benefit the Transylvania community or the community the organization is serving.”

Alternative Spring Break will be trekking to Washington, D.C., this year and will be focusing on issues surrounding hunger and poverty in our nation’s capital. This is the same location and focus of last year’s trip.

According to junior April York, the site leader for the trip, Alternative Spring Break has contacted over 50 organizations in the area as potential places to serve. The members hope to give support to seven or eight of these organizations.

Among other commitments, Alternative Spring Break has already committed to paint a halfway house that is run by Hope Apartments, an organization dedicated to providing housing for recovered drug addicts who have recently been released from a rehabilitation center.

“We will also be meeting with legislators to discuss social justice issues,” York said.

SGA granted $750 to Alternative Spring Break. The SGA constitution states that a service trip can receive $75 per student who is attending, up to $1,000. Ten students will take the trip to Washington, D.C., making the $750 they were granted the maximum amount of funding allowed.

“I’m very grateful to SGA for providing this funding,” York said.

Without the funding, the trip may not have been possible, York said.


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