Plans for Egypt Trip Remain in Place

by James Huddleston

The Israel-Egypt May term travel course will take place as planned despite the recent toppling of the Egyptian government, formerly led by President Hosni Mubarak, by civilian protesters.

The trip’s sponsors, Dr. Frank Russell, professor of history, and Dr. Paul Jones, professor of religion, have deemed the itinerary of the trip safe based on information from several sources.

“According to our travel agent, who is Palestinian by birth and is fluent in Arabic, and who has contacts in Cairo and plans on being in Cairo next week,” said Jones, “the city is safe.”

Both Jones and Russell noted that some students and parents of students who are signed up for the travel course have expressed concern about visiting Cairo, based on what they have heard and seen on the news. However, both professors are continuing to monitor the situation and hold the safety of their students in the highest regard.

“Since we are in conversation with the Transylvania administration as well as our travel agency, the process is both fluid and flexible,” Jones said.

The trip, which has been planned like most travel courses over a year in advance, will not be altered unless something else occurs between now and May that would necessitate a change in either itinerary or lodging.

Jones emphasized the dynamic and historical nature of the events in Egypt and the surrounding region.

“My only comment is that we are witnessing the genesis of a new iteration of Egyptian self-governance,” said Jones, “and that it would be premature to assume what process will unfold, let alone what form (of government) will eventually emerge.”


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