Athlete of the Week: Lucy Wright

by Carlos Melgar

The Transylvania University men’s and women’s track teams placed ninth last week in the inaugural Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference indoor track competition hosted by Anderson University.

Leading the way for the Transy women was junior Lucy Wright with eight points and a second-place finish in the shot put. She set a new school record throwing 11.38 meters. Wright’s events are primarily in the field, which include shot put, javelin, discus and the hammer throw.

Wright has been on the track team since 2009, which was the first year for both her and the track program.

“It is really neat to see how much the program has progressed since it started my freshman year,” Wright said.

“Lucy has done nothing but improve since she started throwing for Transylvania during our inaugural season in 2009,” said head coach Jason Moncer.

Track has made Wright work harder and harder in many aspects.

“Track has pushed me mentally to be on top of my game for each throwing event,” said Wright. “Physically, I have pushed my body harder than I thought was possible.

At the end of the day, it is the greatest feeling when you see all the hours in the gym and practice pay off with one amazing throw.”

She has been challenged in all forms of her game, from lifting more weights that she has ever lifted to performing her best and giving it her all with her never-give-up attitude.

“(Wright) is very consistent, is motivated internally and probably has the best work ethic of anyone on the team,” said Moncer.

Wright is a leader on the team as an example to her teammates and those around her.

“(In) giving more than 100 percent, the people around her see that, and it has a good influence on the team,” said Moncer.

“I am not the most vocally person but I try to show my leadership by dedicating myself to this sport through preparation and hard work,” said Wright.

At the indoor tournament, Wright broke her own record set last year. However, this year she surpassed her mark by over a foot.

“I actually broke my own record, but I broke it by over a foot, which is huge for shot put,” she said.

The day she broke her record, she felt ready and wanted to prove herself.

“(After the throw) a rush of excitement went through me and I was pumped to keep throwing to push the limits,” Wright said.
However, she would not be able to work so hard without the motivation from Moncer.

“Coach has pushed me as an athlete to want to achieve more than I already have,” said Wright. “Coach makes challenging practices that test me mentally and physically.”

With an always winning attitude and such a positive look on her future, the season will be one to watch.

“(My philosophy is) to be excited of how far you have come but don’t get stuck in the present. With more hard work and preparation, one can do better than what has previously been done. Some days you win and some days you lose, but I never give up and quit.”


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