Athlete of the Week: Drew Zuckerman

by Abby Ferguson

As a captain, an athlete is expected to perform and lead his or her team in every way possible. On the Transylvania baseball team, senior captain Drew Zuckerman has already shown his ability to lead the team on the field. Zuckerman led the team at the plate against DePauw University with a triple and a three-run home run, allowing Transy to go on to win 7-5.

Zuckerman believes he was successful because of his poise on the field and his preparation during the offseason.

“Personally, I think my success came because I just stayed really focused and didn’t let those ‘first game jitters’ get to me,” Zuckerman said. “I’ve worked really hard in the offseason, so once I got on the field it was just natural and I was able to stay loose the whole game.”

In Zuckerman’s eyes, the win over DePauw was a team effort and everyone came ready to play.

“We had really strong pitching and our offense was really prepared. We were really excited to play and I think it was evident in that first game,” said Zuckerman. “I love to win and I’m very competitive, so I think it is my responsibility to make sure the team is ready to play every time we step on the field.”

During his time here at Transy, Zuckerman has worked hard to improve himself as a player, including gaining strength in the weight room.

“Drew is always willing to put in extra work and is an avid weight room guy,” said head coach Chris Campbell. “The biggest improvement he’s made is in his strength, which he’s been steadily increasing in his time here at Transy. … He is a very vocal guy and isn’t afraid to tell you what he thinks. He’s also a good communicator and provides an excellent go-between for the players and the coaching staff.”

Zuckerman will take on several different roles this season while being captain. He will be hitting in the middle of the lineup and will be behind the plate catching for the Pioneers.

Consistency is one thing Campbell is hoping Zuckerman can bring to the team this season. He knows if this happens, Zuckerman can be a force with the bat.

“He’s one of the few guys on our club who I think can consistently hit the ball out of the yard, … but he’s much more capable of doing that when he’s calm and doesn’t try to hit home runs,” said Campbell.

Playing baseball beyond college is one of Zuckerman’s goals after he graduates. He understands that to accomplish this he needs to perform this season.

“I really would love to have the opportunity to play baseball at the next level,” Zuckerman said. “So I guess my individual goals are to be All-Conference and eventually get drafted.”

Zuckerman’s successful Transy career can be attributed not only to his hard work but also to the coaching staff and some of his former teammates.

“Over the years I’ve had the chance to learn from some good players and good coaches and my game has improved, and I think my numbers can prove that,” said Zuckerman.

“He’s the quintessential ‘captain’ in that he’s respected as a leader and also commands more respect by his performance on the ball field,” Campbell said.


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