Brothers’ Size, Chemistry Favor TU

by Abby Ferguson

There are few tennis duos that share the size and chemistry the Glass brothers do. For junior Joby Glass at 6 foot 5 inches, 245 pounds, and sophomore Jett Glass at 6 foot 4, 240, they offer a unique side to the game.

“Their size makes them very scary to play,” said head coach Chuck Brown.

Although they have been plagued with sickness, the two “pretty much dominate,” said Jett Glass.

Their brotherly connection allows them to communicate in a unique way.

“Being brothers allows us to be able to read each other’s emotions really well and that helps when one of us needs some inspiration,” said Joby Glass.

A perk of playing with a sibling is the opportunity to be open with each other.

“I like playing with Jett because we can be totally honest with each other about our games without worrying about being insulting,” said Joby Glass.

“Playing with my brother is an experience every time we play,” said Jett Glass.

Although they might not have the consistency they want, one picks up where the other leaves off.

“One of us plays well and the other has an off day, but it all works out,” said Joby Glass.

The duo has different styles of play, which allows the two to complement each other.

“Joby plays tennis similar to his size. Big serve and big forehand. … I play tennis in any way I can to win,” said Jett Glass. “I don’t have many strengths besides my serve, so I try to find my opponents’ weaknesses and attack them.”

“Joby is the calm one and Jett is the fiery one. This works good for doubles because you need a mix of both,” Brown said.
Each brother brings a different side of the game.

“Joby is more of a baseline player and Jett likes to get to the net, use his volleys and monster overhead smash,” said Brown.

The mental side of tennis can make or break a team. For the Glass brothers their size gvives them a mental advantage. It allows them to cover the net and have big service games, as well.

“They are also very smart and play that way,” said Brown. “They both have huge serves as you would expect from boys of that size.”

But after it is all said and done, the brothers are out there to just have fun and enjoy the game of tennis.

“It is much different than playing doubles with someone who is not your brother, and besides, we’re just out there to have fun,” said Joby Glass.

“Joby and Jett are two of the nicest kids to be around,” Brown said. “They definitely get it from their parents who raised them the right way.”


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