SGA Reflects on 2010-2011

by Jake Hawkins

Last night’s meeting of the Student Government Association marked the last under the leadership of now-former president Jessica Beard, a senior. With the transition, the entire executive council will transition to the new team under junior Josh Edge’s leadership.

With that in mind, The Rambler sat down with members of the EC to look back at the past year of SGA.

“Overall the main project we accomplished, and we accomplished several different things, was the $5,000 forum,” Beard said. “It actually showed students that they could come to SGA for many different things.”

The forum was held in March and awarded $3,800 to purchase picnic tables and grills to be placed across campus.

According to the physical plant, the grills have been ordered. SGA has received no word as of yet on the status of grills, but it has transferred the funds needed to make the purchases.

This was the first SGA in 27 years to serve under the administration of a new university president, a situation Beard acknowledged.

“It was difficult because he was still getting acclimated to his position, the campus, to everything he was doing,” said Beard, “but he still managed to work in a time to communicate what his plans were, what he was doing currently, with us.”

“I have already been in contact with his secretary and he plans on having a regular meeting with me next year,” said Edge.

“I think that relationship is going to continue to grow because (President Owen Williams) does have a passion for what we’re doing,” Beard said.

Among the initiatives they cited as SGA’s accomplishments for student life were plans for artwork across campus, community involvement sponsored by SGA and completed by SGA members, and finalizing plans for more bike racks across campus in addition to recently sponsoring College for Living.

College for Living is an organization of students that spends five weeks working with cognitively delayed adults.

“SGA gave us money — it was $50 — for the party we had. There was supposed to be an SGA student life (committee) sponsored event, but they didn’t come,” said sophomore Bethany Davenport, the group’s co-coordinator. “It was nice that they gave us money but we were hoping for volunteers.”

Senior Becky Goncharoff, who is the academic life committee chairperson, reflected on the committee’s achievements in blending the academic and student sides of campus, providing more opportunities to showcase student work, and sponsoring various forums for lectures and discussions.

Of those was the SGA Student Research Symposium held in March. The symposium provided the opportunity for 14 students to present their research to the Transy community.

First-year Zoe Snider presented her project “Vampires, Werewolves and Danger: ‘Twilight’ and Female Gender Stereotypes.”

“It was neat to see other students’ research,” said Snider. “It was the first time they did it. Any kinks could be worked out easily if they do it again.”

Of all the things EC members reflected on, members especially pointed out the cooperation among themselves this year.

“This EC worked perfectly together,” Beard said. “We bounced ideas off each other. It was just amazing what happened in our weekly meetings. The personalities, the ideas, the passion for improving the campus in general was there.”

“There are people on SGA who love SGA and who love what we do for campus,” said sophomore Charli Fant, who served as treasurer this year. “People who are also passionate about their own individual clubs, their own activities — they’ll find that they have a voice on SGA and they are really able to change not only the whole campus but their own individual clubs as well.”


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