Kydd U. Naught reveals identity

by Amanda Holt / Kydd U. Naught
Contributing Columnist

Imagine sitting in Jazzman’s and hearing on multiple occasions, “Who does this Kydd U. Naught guy think he is?” and snickering, because this whole time Kydd U. Naught has been none other than your friendly neighborhood opinion editor. I have caused deep-seeded anger, laughter, controversy and surely boredom on a couple of occasions. Whether or not you understood my satire, sarcasm and pop-culture piggybacking, this has been an incredibly fun-filled journey, and I wouldn’t take back a single column. For my final column I will answer the following question for those of you who want to know how I have created Kydd U. Naught for the past two years. And this time, I’ll be serious.

Q: I want to be a successful humor and advice columnist. What do I need to know?

A: Dear future Kydd U. Naught,

The first rule of writing a humor column is to not take yourself too seriously. In fact, you will be the subject of most of your own jokes. All those cracks at English majors? I was making fun of myself. A particular column about vegetarians? That was me, too.

You have to laugh at yourself first before you can even attempt to make others laugh. This also gives you a reason to laugh at the people who criticize your humor as offensive, because you were taking jabs at yourself, too.

You have to be willing to hear your work run into the ground, especially if you choose to keep yourself anonymous. You have to accept making people mad; some people will just not understand or appreciate your satire no matter what. Laugh it off, and make fun of them in the next column.

Know your politics and pop culture! Crazy messed-up stuff and crazy awesome stuff happens in these two realms every day, and you’re anonymous, so you get to say anything you want about it. Recognize, though, that commentary on either of these has the potential to make some of your readers belly-laugh and others rage.

Better advice would be to know your campus culture. Transylvania has an incredibly unique community, and, well, unique things happen here all the time. Take the opportunity to crack inside jokes with your campus. More people will know what you’re talking about than you think.

Lastly, when people think they’re being snarky and submit a question expecting it to be too perverted to be answered, answer it. Take risks, and you might just get your best and most memorable column ever.

Thank you, Transylvania, for putting up with my quips for the past two years. It has been a good show, and I hope someone else will step up with his or her own idea for a humor column next year.

photo by HB Elam

Senior Amanda Holt has provided entertaining answers for Transylvania's campus questions for the past two years.


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