Well-wishes from Kloppenberg

Letter to the Rambler

To the Transylvania community,

First, let me say how sorry I am that I cannot be with you to celebrate the inauguration of Owen Williams. There won’t be many people at the festivities who have known Owen as long as I have. We became friends in 1967, when we were still in high school in Denver, where we were both active in the service organization known as Key Club. This is the point at which someone who has known Owen that long should tell an embarrassing story about him, but I cannot. Even then it was apparent that Owen was a young man with a wide range of talents who was headed toward a great career. I admired his intelligence and vision then, and I still do. Owen and I both attended Dartmouth College, after which he embarked on the odyssey that has culminated in this new adventure for him and for your community. If he follows the pattern he has set at every stage of his life, his presidency will be a great success for him and for you. Congratulations, Owen, and congratulations to Transylvania on an inspired choice!

All best wishes,

Dr. James T. Kloppenberg, chair, department of history, Charles Warren Professor of American History, Harvard University


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