FROM THE OPINION EDITOR: An open press for opinions

by Lyman Stone Opinion Editor

As the opinion editor this year, it seems only proper that I should introduce myself. I’m Lyman Stone, and I’m happy to be in my third year working at The Rambler. Last year I featured, somewhat awkwardly given my actual political views, as the conservative columnist. This year, I get to be the opinion editor, a most exciting position, though I’ve been informed that doesn’t mean I get to edit peoples’ opinions.

Rambler readers will find the opinion page this year somewhat different than in the past. First, the columnists will be encouraged to coordinate topics so that this page will feature both sides of a contemporary debate, rather than a random assortment of pieces. Second, last year, many columns were of merely tangential interest to the Transylvania community. This year, I will write a brief “Why It Matters” piece each week, discussing why the issue at hand, whatever your position on it, should matter to Transy students (and thereby narrowing the scope of what columnists have to cover). Third, we had a few letters to the editor last year, but we want more.

Indeed, as the opinion editor, I would like nothing better than to publish a letter to the editor every week. Whether it comments on positions taken in previous columns, on current events or on more Transy-specific issues, we welcome any and all letters to the editor. Letters to the editor of no more than 250 words in length can be submitted to, signed by their author.

Finally, The Rambler’s opinion page will require columnists. If you are interested in writing either a liberal or a conservative column (or, actually, one from any interesting viewpoint), email with your name and contact information, as well as a brief description of which column you would like to write and why. I’m looking for people of any political position who want to write, with or without experience. You’ll be supplied help with research and given topics well in advance. I look forward to hearing from you!


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