TangleTown to treat Transy

by Holly Brown
A&E Editor

Looking for a unique yet academic evening of entertainment? Look no further than the Mitchell Fine Arts Center.

On Sept. 16, the TangleTown Trio will perform in Carrick Theater at 7:30 p.m.

This group, formed in Seattle, consists of mezzo-soprano and composer Sarah Mattox, violinist Jo Nardolillo and pianist Judith Cohen.

According to its website, the trio self-identifies as “an innovative new music group dedicated to living American composers and the idea there should be no barriers between art music and its audiences.”
“Most people feel like they can’t relate and can’t connect to new music,” said Nardolillo. “I’ve made it my mission to try to change that.”

While making the content of their music accessible to the listener is important to the group, the artists are also supportive of the increased availability of music that modern technology provides. The group indicates that embracing the possibilities of technology has allowed them the self-sufficiency of doing their own publishing and advertising, and they encourage other artists to investigate similar options.

The set that TangleTown will perform at Transylvania is titled “Song Nouveau.” Literally meaning “new song,” this show is largely a compilation of new music.

The group also considers this show a reaction to inaccessible academic music, comparable to art nouveau. The songs featured in this show revolve around nature and life, topics the group hopes will be immediately accessible to their audience.

Courtesy of TangleTown Trio

In addition to providing new and relatable music, “Song Nouveau” also contains some 20th-century pieces.

“What’s special about this concert … is that we have living composers but we’ve also included some music that shows where some of the living composers got their inspiration,” said Cohen. “There’s sort of a nice link showing that some of the early 20th-century music was really seminal to what’s happening now. … I think that will come across in our music.”

This concert will be free and open to the public as part of the Transylvania University Guest Artist Series. Transy music professor Dr. Greg Partain has been the concert’s organizer.

“To augment the high-profile Smith Endowed Concert Series, the World Music Series and the Delcamp Visiting Musician Series,” said Partain, “our fine arts division hosts a number of professional musicians in concert each year as guest artists. … This regular interaction with artists of national and international stature keeps all of us inspired and refreshed.”

After the concert, TangleTown will be available to talk to audience members, and the trio says they will be happy to answer any questions that students may have about their work.

Along with their concert, TangleTown will be engaging in workshops with some of Transy’s music classes. Specific times and classes have yet to be determined, but this information will be posted on Inside Transy for anyone interested in attending.

Transylvania won’t be the group’s only stop while they are in the state. TangleTown will be performing at Natasha’s Bistro and Bar at noon on Sept. 17 and at the Kentucky Theater on Sept. 19 at 6:45 p.m. For more information, visit http://tangletowntrio.com/Upcoming.aspx.


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