Three ramens for Atomic Cafe

The Nosh By: Alyssa Winter

Upon entering the Atomic Café, I was astonished by the artful design of the interior. Oceanic murals decorated the walls of this place and the music was laid-back and soothing. It was a clever replication of the Caribbean style, but the great care put into this atmosphere was equivalent to — if not more evident in — the food that this quaint establishment prepared.

This trip to the Atomic Café was the first time that I have ever eaten Caribbean food. To anyone wanting to try the cuisine, I strongly suggest you do it here. The flavor profile for Caribbean food is a cross between Indian and Spanish cuisine, which unite to make this delightfully warm and filling concoction of deliciousness. I ordered the Island Sampler, which included jerk chicken, fish fritters, coconut shrimp, rice and beans, chef’s steamed vegetables and a caper mayonnaise dipping sauce.

The jerk chicken was wonderful. The seasoning on it was well balanced with a tiny hint of allspice coming through, giving the spice a warm flavor unlike the burn attributed to other spicy foods. The most defining dish, however, was the rice and beans; they were some of the best I have ever had. The Atomic Café uses black beans in its rice and beans, which I thought was an interesting twist. They were cooked to absolute perfection and topped on a fluffy bed of al dente rice. What made this dish truly special, though, was the topping of the rice and beans with cool sour cream and fresh, mildly spicy salsa. It truly tied the rice and beans together in a beautiful way that melded wonderfully in my mouth.

While this is only one of many dishes that you can get at the Atomic Café, it is a fair reflection of what the restaurant is all about. It focuses heavily on the seafood you can get in the Caribbean, like shrimp, fish and even conch. Additionally, it is vegetarian-friendly. My friend Malynda, who is a vegetarian, accompanied me on my journey to this restaurant and left just as happy and full as I was. If you are in the mood to mix up your dining-out options and spend a little more money on some quality food, I highly recommend this restaurant.


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