News Briefs

by Jake Hawkins
Managing Editor

Dosset unveils master plan
The sustainability council will be announcing a new framework for campus sustainability, this after meetings last year of the specially assembled council.

Sustainability Coordinator Angela Dosset said that the new master plan, which will define sustainability for Transylvania University, contains six visions. These include curriculum goals, campus culture, land and building use, and changes to food and dining services.

The full master plan can be found here.

The presentations will take place outside the Rafskeller on Sept. 22, and a lunch presentation will be held during open hour on Sept. 27 in the cafeteria.

Additionally, the framework will be promoted through Inside Transy and other venues.

“The sustainability framework touches nearly every aspect of campus life,” said Dosset.

Overheated pump disables MFA elevatorA fire alarm sounded automatically in the Mitchell Fine Arts Center Wednesday, causing area firefighters to respond and evacuate the building.

It was determined that the hydraulic pump in the MFA elevator was overheating, causing the alarm to deploy, Director of Public Safety Gregg Muravchik confirmed. Muravchik also said that Norman Mudd, Transylvania’s operations manager, is working to ensure that the problem is fixed as soon as possible.

The elevator has been disabled, but the building will still have handicap access. In the meantime, the alarm system has been put in standby mode to silence the alarm.

“We will do everything we can to assist handicapped students, staff and visitors during this time,” said Muravchik.


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