Studio 300 Festival brings digital art and music

by Sarah Allison
Staff Writer
Have you ever thought that a painting or a photo was talking to you? Now is your chance to actually talk back.

The two events going on this weekend are the Studio 300 Digital Art and Music Festival and the Morlan Gallery’s new exhibit, “Unveiling the Painted Curtain: 21st C Interactive Art.”

The Studio 300 Music Festival is the first of its kind to come to Kentucky and will be hosted at Transylvania. It will feature various manifestations of interactive art and music.

These two events have been brought to campus through the collaborative efforts of Transylvania faculty, including music technology professor Dr. Timothy Polashek, and Morlan Gallery director Andrea Fisher.

“It was just a crazy thing Andrea and I decided to do late last year,” said Polashek. “If you get out all of the equipment for (a digital arts performance), why not have other artists with you?”

Studio 300 drew the attention of a variety of domestic and international artists. While the festival will feature 28 works, these were selected from a total of 125 digital art submissions. The works that will appear in the show hail from at least eight nations.

In addition to visiting artists, the festival will also feature the work of Transylvania faculty, including Polashek and music professor Dr. Larry Barnes.
Another noteworthy aspect of the festival is that it will display the talents of both visual artists and musicians from the digital arena, and promises to feature a wide array of digital genres.

“I think this festival is a really good fit for Transylvania. … It’s just classic liberal arts,” said Polashek.

The festival will also involve a lecture series component, including talks from two composers and an artist on their works with the applications of digital media.

James Cadwell will discuss the interaction of Wii controllers on Friday, Sept. 16, at 10:30 a.m. in the faculty lounge. Lecturing artist Adam Kendall will then discuss and demonstrate his creation of “Toys’ Opera” in the Morlan Gallery at 2:30 p.m. On Saturday, Momilani Ramstrum will present a lecture-demonstration called “The MIDI Glove, PD, and Real Time DSP” at 1 p.m., again in the faculty lounge.

The Morlan Gallery is hosting three interactive pieces from the festival. The opening reception of “Unveiling the Painted Curtain” will be 5-8 p.m. on Friday, and the exhibit will be open through Oct. 28.

Besides the festival activities there will also be a BYTE kiosk, an interactive station that will feature works by international artists and composers. The kiosk is located in the lower level of the Mitchell Fine Arts Center across from the Rafskeller and can be viewed at students’ convenience.

Not simply a transient feature of the festival, this kiosk can be used later to display student works.

In addition to several on-campus events, the festival will include a concert at Al’s Bar, a local venue just a few blocks from Transy.
For a complete schedule of the festival’s events, take a look at

While “Unveiling the Painted Curtain” will be available until late October, there will only be one weekend to catch the festival’s live performances, and all members of the Transy community are encouraged to come out and enjoy it.

“I know people are going to just love it. It’s really fun stuff,” said Polashek.


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