J. Morse orchestrates flavors into must-eats

The Nosh By: Alyssa Winter

Walking into J. Morse on Vine Bistro is a bit of an experience. Upon walking in you are greeted by warm, mustard-yellow walls. Mismatched tables and chairs give this restaurant a very homey, intimate feeling.

In addition to the décor, the owner of the restaurant is a very lovely gentleman who is not afraid to answer any questions you might have about anything on the menu and makes you feel right at home.

The lunch menu is a simple mix of sandwiches and salads that features two homemade soups that change daily. J. Morse offers an option where you can get half of a sandwich and a cup of soup for $7.95. This plate also includes chips and a dill pickle.

I had the privilege of getting to eat a delicious cup of Boston clam chowder and a nibble of the pesto club. The clam chowder that this bistro offers was absolutely phenomenal. It was rich without being too thick; the base was not gluey like you get with some clam chowders. The clams were succulent and cooked to perfection. It was the best clam chowder that I have ever had in my life.

In addition to devouring this fantastic chowder, I also indulged in the pesto club that my friend Tori ordered. Upon reading the description of the sandwich on the menu, you would believe that it would be a run-of-the-mill turkey club with some pesto smeared on it, but this was not the case at all!

The sandwich contained a perfect layer of semi-chunky pesto between the slices of bread. The pesto was honestly what made this sandwich. It was so flavorful that I could literally smell the pesto before even biting into the sandwich. You take a bite of the sandwich and right away, your taste buds are hit with this fantastic pesto flavor. Then, when the applewood-smoked bacon, oven-roasted turkey and ham meld with the pesto you get this fantastic combination in your mouth that is almost indescribable. All I can say is that you need to eat this sandwich.

In addition to lunch, J. Morse also does dinner with reasonably priced, playful entrées. Even though I only went for lunch, you can get a fair feel for what this restaurant represents from its lunch menu. It’s all about simple, cozy food that you can get at a very affordable price. Therefore, if you ever find yourself craving a fresh, delicious bowl of soup, I definitely recommend that you make the short walk up Limestone to this adorable establishment.


One Response to J. Morse orchestrates flavors into must-eats

  1. Alyssa,
    Did you know that Jerry Morse, the owner of J. Morse on Vine Bistro, is a Transylvania alumnus, Class of 1966? Glad you enjoyed the food there!
    Natasa Mongiardo
    Director of Alumni Programs

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