New home for Transy bookstore

Charlie Zwischenberger
Staff Writer

Starting in November, don’t go to the Glenn Building if you’re looking for the bookstore.

“Sometime in November, the bookstore will change location,” said President R. Owen Williams. “What was the bookstore will be turned into a visitors center until at least next summer.”

This change will pave the way for an eventual relocation of the admissions office at an estimated cost of $400,000 to $600,000, according to Vice President for Finance and Business Marc Mathews.

That price tag includes several renovations, including tearing out a storage basement underneath the space currently occupied by the bookstore and installing new offices for the admissions counselors.

The exact location of the new bookstore will be 132 West Third Street, just past North Upper Street and beside John R. Hall Athletic Field.

“The cost of moving the bookstore, we think, will be covered by the additional revenue that will be generated by the new location,” said Williams.

“We discussed, ‘Is this too far away?’ ” said Matthews. “We realized probably anything that’s one building away is too far away for most Transylvanians. But it had a lot of appeal in that it puts us in the community.”

Michelle Bowling, the bookstore manager, said that she agrees with the administration’s judgment and said that moving the bookstore will increase sales through visibility to populations off campus.

Bowling also said that the location shift will bring more convenient storelike merchandise in the bookstore — an addition, Bowling believes, that will bring in both hungry Transy students as well as curious Lexingtonians to its 2,200-square-foot interior.

In addition to making the admissions office more accessible, according to Mathews, it will help in the restructuring of Old Morrison — a building that is, to some, a labyrinth.

Relocating the admissions office to a more accessible location within Old Morrison was largely considered, according to Mathews.

“Those answers (for a location within Old Morrison) seemed like we were cramming a square peg in a circular hole just to make admissions be in this building,” Mathews said.

“We had talked about this idea with President (Emeritus Charles) Shearer and he was amenable to it,” said Dean of Admissions Brad Goan.

While the idea of moving the admissions office was considered, before now it has never progressed beyond that phase, according to Goan.

These changes also look to help Transy’s relationship with the community.

“We are always looking for ways to enhance our relationship with the community,” said Williams. “Transylvania benefits enormously from the fact that we are right here in the heart of one of America’s most beautiful cities. Our goal is to be one of the top 50 colleges in the country. (Lexington) gives us what we believe to be a competitive advantage.”


One Response to New home for Transy bookstore

  1. Going 30 feet from the edge of campus isn’t “out in the community.”

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