Nino-Moore: ‘Differences should make no difference’

by Scarlett Blevins
Staff Writer

“Difference enriches the lives of people,” said Eduardo Nino-Moreno, the newly appointed Director of Campus Diversity and Inclusion.

Born in Colombia, Nino-Moreno has lived in over 14 countries, and through his involvement with the United Nations has worked in dozens more. It is through these experiences that he has developed a passion for diversity.

Nino-Moreno’s résumé includes more than 20 years of experience working in the United Nations, a career that enabled him to travel the world and come into contact with a great variety of cultures. He has worked in many settings promoting diversity, such as in recruitment offices and as a director of a study-abroad program.

Nino-Moreno said that he has “always had a passion for working with people,” and it is that passion that he hopes to brings to the Transylvania campus.

“A liberal arts community is one that tackles issues from a variety of angles and viewpoints,” President R. Owen Williams said in a Transy news release, “and the more diverse campus we will become under (Nino-Moreno’s) leadership will help our students become the global thinkers they strive to be.”

Upon his appointment, Nino-Moreno immediately began to work toward achieving a college climate that is actively pursuing diversity. He feels that bringing more diversity to Transy will be a “fantastic challenge.”

Nino-Moreno’s job will consist of encouraging students to embrace diversity by creating events and opportunities for students from different backgrounds to interact with each other. He also hopes to take surveys to better understand the campus’s diversity-related needs so he can begin to address them. He will also be working to bring in more diverse minorities to Transylvania, such as disabled students, lower-income families and those of a racial minority.

Nino-Moreno wants to create a sense of unity and a feeling of belonging among the students, bringing together those from many different backgrounds. He believes that even one student who feels lonely within this campus is one too many.

“We cannot afford to lose any of our valuable students,” said Nino-Moreno. “Diversity is not only the responsibility of this office. … Diversity is everyone’s responsibility, and inclusion is exactly the same.”

Many may be wondering what an individual student can do to help Transylvania achieve its goals of diversity. Nino-Moreno believes it’s not as hard as you may think — and it’s “free of charge.” Simply take the time to get to know someone different. Put aside your fears of taking initiation and go for it!

According to Nino-Moreno, the “first ingredient is taking risks.” He urges students to not be afraid to say hello to someone who is different from you and to start conversations with those from different backgrounds.

The ability to connect with diverse groups will not only help students be more prepared to succeed in the job market, it will help them be more prepared to thrive in the world.

“Difference should make no difference ,” said Nino-Moreno.

Nino-Moreno hopes students will begin to celebrate diversity as he does. He promises that “change will come” and that each student on this campus is invited to take part in it.


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