The Almanac of Everything

I am overwhelmed.
Overworked and overclocked —
You might call it an oversight
to make a book of all things.

Indeed, I tried to make a choice,
But, it seems I got lost
in the infinite passageways
of all knowledge together.
So, I could not.

Instead, I’ll tell you what I found —
I found the source of all beauty,
The sound of all music
And the sight of every light.
I found the magic of everything.

A sprinkle of rain or a touch
Of delight, a bad dream or
A long flight — your first kiss,
Or that first fight — yes,
it has them all.

But don’t worry! Between this
Nebulous tome of kings of old,
Songs we sing, and all else we bring,
You’ll still find me
in the Almanac of Everything.

-Wade McGrath ’12


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