Transy theater department in transition

by Victoria Sullivan
Etcetera Editor

The new year has marked some major overhauls in some of Transylvania’s mechanics, but the school’s theater department has undertaken some “dramatic” changes of its own.

Two of the biggest changes this year were the addition of two new professors and the change in the form of auditions for campus productions. In this new form, students audition for the entire year of productions, a drastic change from the traditional method of auditioning for individual plays.

First-years and newcomers to the program were only required to do cold readings, as is traditional.

Majors, minors, and returning students were asked to go a bit further: Each student was required to memorize a short monologue and perform it privately in front of the scheduled directors.

Sullivan Canaday White, assistant professor of drama, gave The Rambler some insight as to why these changes were enacted. She explained that this audition form “evened the playing field” for newer students, as well as gave the more experienced actors more opportunity for learning experiences.
“The bread and butter of an actor is their audition,” White said.

White also stated that requiring majors and minors to memorize a piece and perform it helped develop the skills they would need later in life. The new students, therefore, do not have to compete with the old hands, giving the directors a better chance to really spend more time with them.

Members of the first-year class have already impressed White with their auditions.

“We are really quite lucky to have such an experienced and talented first-year class,” said White.
White also introduced the two newest professors to arrive on campus: Jinna Hoben and Tim Hull. Hoben, a New York actress and director, is teaching a playwriting class, while Tim Hull is heading up a voice class for drama students.

The Transylvania theater department has a busy year planned, with four brand-new productions being performed right here on campus. Below you can find a full list of scheduled events for this year — something you definitely don’t want to miss out on!


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