What’s Left: New revenues can solve deficit

By Alexandra Pauley

The deficit could be fixed with a tax increase on people who can afford it. Raising taxes on the wealthy is much more likely to reduce the deficit, and will make more money available to proactively solve America’s problems.

The people that are being taxed the most right now are the middle class. If we keep adding taxes on the middle class, the middle class will become part of the poor.

The middle class has been taxed because it has the most people, but if you keep hounding them for more money, they eventually are not going to have any or will just quit paying in general.

Though taxes need not reach as high as they have been at times in the past, some increase is needed. We, as a country, need to help everyone get out of debt.

If this means that the upper class must pay a little more, so be it. They are the ones in the country that can help us. We need not tax the middle class as much when we can get money from the people we know can afford it.

If we don’t raise taxes, we need to cut defense spending.  We spent more than $668 billion on defense last year, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

If we cut back on the F/A Hornet budget alone, for example, we could give teachers raises. We spend about $2 billion dollars on that one project alone.

This country is in dire need of some change. We need to do what is best for not just the country as a whole, but the people as well.

If we just put a little more tax on the upper class, instead of on the middle class who can’t afford all these taxes, and cut back on the defense budget, we will slowly but surely get ourselves back on our feet.


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