10 bands, 20 days, one place

Music To Your Ears

Have you ever had the idea to make a playlist containing music from each of your favorite local artists in Lexington? Honestly, I haven’t taken the initiative, but if I had thought of it sooner I probably would have called it “Music of the Bluegrass” or “My Lex Fix.”

This is exactly what local recording studio Shangri-La Productions is doing. It’s collaborating with Lexington’s musical artists to create an album of homegrown tunes.

If you’re one who’s interested in the local music scene, this is a development that may be very appealing to you.

Shangri-La, which was established by producer Duane Lundy in 2006, thrives in downtown Lexington. The 4,000-square-foot studio embraces its collection of vintage recording equipment as well as the latest in music technology.

As stated on its website, Shangri-La has always aimed to be a “creative, inspiring and comfortable environment for (artists’) recording and production needs.”

Shangri-La is going through an exciting time due to the recent musical installment of “10 in 20: A Lexington Recording Project.”

The project, which will occur over the course of 20 recording days (two per band), will select 10 local artists to write and record an original track with the collaboration of Lundy.

Ultimately, the project’s mission is to create an album that could possibly be one’s “Lex Fix,” in hopes that listeners will embrace the musical diversity of Lexington both with individual tracks and the album as a whole.

What’s great about “10 in 20” is the fact that each track on the album will be brand-spanking-new to listeners.

So far, Shangri-La has signed on three artists for the anticipated album: Coralee and the Townies, Matt Duncan and Sunday Valley. Monthly debuts of the artists’ songs online (with photos and video extras) will eventually lead up to a vinyl release in 2012.

To see the development of this project daily, check out the project’s Facebook group. As artists are added to the list and their musical tracks are refined, you’ll be able to see the progression of the album interactively.

I also encourage you to check out http://shangrilaproductions.net/news to stay up-to-date on what Shangri-La has been up to in the past year.


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