Athelete of the Week: Christian King

by Molly Dean
Staff Writer


Junior Christian King has contributed two goals and two assists to the surging men's soccer team. The pioneers hold a current record of 3-4-2.

The men’s soccer team has won two of the past three games, and one young player helping the Pioneers find their groove is sophomore forward Christian King.

Transylvania is nearly halfway through the season, and a recent highlight of the team’s increasing success was Saturday’s 3-1 win against Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference opponent Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.

“As we are a young team, it has taken a while to find ourselves, but we are starting to play at a high level,” said head coach Brandon Bowman.

A well-rounded athlete, King also played football and basketball before making the decision to focus solely on soccer.  He credits his coaches throughout the years with teaching him patience and inspiring him as an athlete and a young man.

“(King) leads the team by example and always tries to have a positive influence within the team,” said Bowman.

The coach also described King as “responsible, hardworking, skillful, competitive (and) confident.”

Confidence is certainly a quality that has contributed to King’s tenacity as a forward.  Thus far he has two goals and two assists and has taken a total of 18 shots on goal.

But King has learned to be a team player with some advice from a teammate, senior Ethan Collins.

“(Collins) basically told me that no matter what I did, the team was a team with every guy pulling their own weight. He helped me focus more on the team success than my individual achievements,” said King.  “I hope to continue to contribute as much as I can for the rest of the season, and I would really like for us to set a new standard for future teams to come.”

As the defending Heartland Conference champions, the standard is already high.

“We hope to continue to improve this season and be in a position to compete for a conference tournament championship.  From there we hope to play our best in the NCAA tournament,” Bowman said.

King’s desire is to make it to the Final Four.

The team has a stretch of home games in early October.  Two of these are Saturday at 3:30 p.m. and Wednesday at 4:30. Everyone is encouraged to come out and show support.

“The fans are like a 12th man against the other team and we appreciate every voice,” King said.


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