Edge’s goal becomes reality

by Josh Travis
Staff Writer

Presidents and leaders from various Transylvania student organizations, as well as President R. Owen Williams, met yesterday afternoon to commence a newly formed campus initiative entitled the President’s Circle.

Senior Josh Edge, Student Government Association president, created the forum in hopes that it will set up a bridge between the different organizations, allowing for easier communication and encouraging them to become more involved with one another’s events.

“I want the group to be able to come together and offer up solutions, where brainstorming can happen, and I hope it will facilitate that type of thinking,” Edge said.

Campus leaders who attended agreed.

“If this is a place where leaders are going to be, then it’s going to be a good place for organizations to collaborate,” said April York, co-coordinator of the student orientation leaders (SOLs).

Edge first proposed his idea to design such a forum while campaigning for his SGA presidency last year, and he included it among a number of other propositions.

“I was looking at other universities and seeing how they do student government. … I saw that a lot of universities had these president’s circles, and thought, ‘We need that,’ ” said Edge.

While the group has only met once, it has already begun a conversation about a number of specific campus issues, including a lack of student involvement in organizations that they are not specifically a part of.

“We’re all involved in our organizations, but we don’t have anyone there cheering us on,” Edge said.

Williams pointed to low attendance at sports games and art exhibitions.

“It pains me when I go to any event … and I don’t see more students there,” said Williams.

The members hope that simply increasing communication among campus leaders will be a start to aiding cross-organizational involvement.

Senior Lee Richardson, an SOL co-coordinator, realizes that the newly instated August term, which will begin for incoming students next academic year, is a campus topic that needs a student dialogue.

“One of the more pressing issues on campus … is the August term coming up next year, and I think this could be an important platform for voicing opinions on that,” Richardson said.

Overall, Edge is pleased with the outcome of the first meeting, which was attended by the majority of the campus leaders who were invited.

“I think it will take a while before we realize what our purpose is. … I think it’s good that (student organization leaders) will have a new outlet to voice their opinions,” said Edge.

Any organization leader who would like to be involved in the President’s Circle should contact Edge by email at jredge12@transy.edu.

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