Educated opinions fit for printing

Issues in the past several weeks have arisen that have gotten me thinking about the articles in this paper, and what particular requirements each page has for its content.

The Rambler’s purpose is to provide the student body with unbiased information and entertainment. However, each page has a particular set of requirements that each article must fulfill.

The news page typically consists of hard-news stories, with the occasional feature story that runs. The Etcetera page is for entertainment of a light-hearted nature, while Campus Life runs stories about particular events on campus, written toward a magazine style. The sports page covers, obviously, sports, and Arts and Entertainment keeps up with art, music and theater on and around our campus.

And on each of these pages, there are columns. And yes, columns contain opinions, but these are opinions about music, food, books and the like — not explicit views on serious issues around our school.

The opinion page, however, is a forum for anyone on this campus to express his or her views about more serious topics. Whether it is through a column or a letter to the editor, we want to hear from you.

However, we, as a publication, reserve the right to refuse to print anything that causes unsolicited harm.

A basic creed of journalism is “do no harm.” In keeping with that, The Rambler does not print anything that unjustly calls out particular persons or organizations without proper reasoning and factual information.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t encourage critiques and calls for change; they just need to be backed up by fact. We respect educated opinions.

At the end of the day, we’re trying to use good judgment in the practice of putting out this paper. Not everyone is going to be happy with the choices we make, but that’s the reality of it.


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