Letter to the Editor

While your readers certainly cannot expect a predominately “indy” writing staff to publish an insightful critique of the Greek recruitment system at Transylvania, we can reasonably expect any proposed alternative to be commonsensical. My qualms with revising our system to mirror those of neighboring universities are many, but I will discuss two within my 250-word limit

First, it is no secret that “dirty rushing” is at an all-time high, at least on the fraternity side of the house from which I draw my insight. Would we really be acting in the best interest of first-years by extending the grueling three weeks of male recruitment to a whole semester? I fail to see how greater academic focus would come about by implementing such a plan. Rather, we would only be exposing them to an extended period of abuse via dirty rush tactics.

Second, if our concern is saving the Interfraternity Council the trouble of policing recruitment infractions, which it hardly does as is, how would increasing the recruitment season to a whole term facilitate their function?

The fact that official recruitment wouldn’t start until winter term doesn’t imply that the fraternities would take a hands-off approach to first-year men for a whole term. What is fair play? Also, although such systems exist at neighboring universities, their size and prevalence of Greek membership cannot faithfully be compared to our own.

-Trevor Million ’13


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