Psi Chi members entertain hospital patients

by Holly Brown
A&E Editor

A group of Transylvania students participated in a bingo night at Eastern State Hospital yesterday evening.

The event was organized by Psi Chi, the university’s psychology honorary, and was open to all members of campus.

Eastern State is a mental health care facility located just a few blocks west of campus on Fourth Street, and the event took place on one of the facility’s female wards.

The group was given a welcoming reception from Eastern State’s resident patients.

“The patients were very excited about the event. I kept hearing so many thank-you’s,” said senior Monica Lawson, Psi Chi’s president.

Jeffrey Johnson, Eastern State’s volunteer services director, stressed the importance of events like this for the patients.

“It’s common for a lot of them to not really have visitors on the units or feel like anyone in the outside world really cares about them,” said Johnson. “So events like this mean a lot to them.”

Psi Chi hopes to make this a monthly event and invites all members of campus to participate. Announcements for this and other Psi Chi events will be posted on Inside Transy.


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