LA Gourmet redefines pizza, sandwiches

Tucked away beside Starbucks, you might miss the entrance to L.A. Gourmet Pizza. But if you do happen to spot it, I highly recommend that you walk in.

With its slate flooring and minimalistic design you might be a bit turned off, but ignore this instinct. These guys know what they’re doing.

The menu is very typical for any pizzeria. It includes subs, salads and pasta along with “make your own” and specialty pizzas. But what puts this pizza place above any other are two factors: its variety and the dipping sauce.

Not only is variety seen in their specialty pizzas, like the L.A. Magic, but in the topping options as well. Unlike most pizzerias, L.A. Gourmet offers some unusual toppings like walnuts, coconut and cucumbers.

Located next to Starbucks on Main Street, LA Gourmet Pizza offers a unique twist on pizza, salads and sandwiches.

While these toppings seem like they would be odd to top a pizza with, they somehow meld wonderfully with the sauce and texture of the crust.

An excellent example of this can be seen with the Chicken Florentine calzone. Along with many other things, the calzone contains walnuts. These add this wonderfully nutty crunch that is unexpected but pairs perfectly with the flavors in the calzone.

In addition to their variety, L.A. Gourmet gives you this one-of-a-kind dipping sauce with any pizza or calzone that you order. This sauce is a gift from the gods.

I am not kidding. It is like ranch but on such a higher level that to call it ranch is an insult. It is so refreshing but at the same time so flavorful that it is difficult to describe.

It is cool and creamy but has this understated hint of garlic in it that just marries so well with the chewy pizza crust and the zesty red sauce. My description in all honesty does not do this sauce justice. You must go and try it.

L.A. Gourmet Pizza is one of those gems that Transy students need to start going to. The proximity is fantastic. It is right next door to Starbucks, and what you spend on coffee and a treat there can get you a small pizza and fountain drink at L.A. Gourmet.

In addition, they deliver. So if you do not want to make the short walk to the restaurant, they will bring you your pizza. I can almost guarantee that the wait will not be as long as it is for Mad Mushroom.


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