Reintroducing: Cheers and Jeers

Cheers and Jeers by Ben Costigan

Cheers and good luck to the men’s basketball team as it prepares for a trip to Windsor, Canada, where the Pioneers will compete against the finest that the frozen tundra has to offer.

Jeers to the conversion of the cafeteria door by Back Lobby into an emergency exit. There’s nothing like getting stuck in a bottleneck on your way to and from class.

Cheers to the end of Greek recruitment and congratulations to all of the new pledge classes.

Jeers to the bed bugs that have made their way into both Thomson Hall and Clay Hall. If classes weren’t stressful enough, a persistent itch should surely do the trick.

Cheers to reducing our collective carbon footprint by regulating how much paper we use. But …

Jeers to the 10-step process that one must go through to print something on campus. Is there honestly not a simpler option?

Cheers to the new director of public safety, Gregg Muravchick, and the great job that he has done thus far.

Jeers to the concussion-inducing tile hallways that have been installed on the bottom half of Davis Hall. Which is more important, student safety or cleaning costs?

Cheers to the men’s and women’s soccer teams for posting 5-0 and 4-0 victories over the Bluffton University Beavers this weekend.

Jeers to the new Raising Cane’s coupons. Looks like someone else is making budget cuts as well.

Jeers to Twitter. @bigwasteoftime @dontgetit @whydoeseveryoneneedtoknowyoureverythoughtandfeeling

Cheers to senior Rebecca Luking for breaking the school record for assists Saturday.

Jeers to a general lack of school spirit. If free Billy’s Bar-B-Q isn’t enough to get you to a soccer game in the middle of the day on a Saturday, I’m not sure what is.


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