Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

What does a Christian affiliation mean for Transylvania?

When I toured Transy’s campus four years ago and learned that it was affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), I had some expectations of what this relationship meant for my potential college choice.

On the one hand, I understood that by attending a liberal arts college, Transylvania students would espouse more than just Christianity. On the other hand, I figured this university would still be receptive of a Christian worldview.

Transy may be a far cry from hostile to Christians, but I can’t say the campus atmosphere is very welcoming to them, either.

Not that anything has been explicitly expressed, but the thought process seems to be something akin to “You were brought up in church and still practice your faith? How naïve.”

Not convinced? Just take a look at the following excerpt from “Politicians Foolish to Ignore Young Voters’ Electoral Power,” written for The Rambler by Daniel Cooper ’11 March 10, 2011:

“I will leave you with a quote from the ever-eloquent John Stuart Mill, as he says it better than I ever could. ‘I never meant to say that conservatives are generally stupid,’ Mill said. ‘I meant to say that stupid people are generally conservative.’ ”

Granted, this article was published on the opinion page, and it deals more with politics than with religion. Yet, by substituting the word “Christian” for “conservative” here, I feel you get the prevailing opinion on Transy’s campus.

We’re too smart for Christianity, the thought goes.

Well, if this is the case, maybe Transylvania should disaffiliate itself with the Christian Church, as the rumor mill is suggesting. Disciples of Christ students are awarded scholarships because of their affiliation with the denomination, but will such a change affect much else?

Maybe, just maybe, it would demystify Transylvania’s stance on Christianity: If you want support for your faith while you attend college, don’t look for it here.

-John Johnson ’12


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