Republicans should emphasize economics

Let’s cut right to the chase: If Republicans want to win in 2012 they need to stay away from social issues and use the nation’s less-than-perfect economic condition as the main focus of their campaign.

According to Rasmussen Reports, 70 percent of the nation believes we are in a “political recession,” while 55 percent disapproves of President Obama’s handling of the economy.

It doesn’t take a genius to see that a majority of the nation is upset with the Obama administration’s handling of the economy, which makes sense, as Rasmussen found that 65 percent of registered voters consider themselves to be economically conservative.

In contrast, a recent Gallop poll stated that 23 percent of the Republican electorate is socially liberal, not to mention that 49 percent of Independents are pro-choice as well as pro-gay marriage, and 53 percent believe gun control should be a collective right.

The issue is that the only candidate in the field who would relatively agree with these stances on social issues is Rudy Giuliani, the former mayor of New York City, who carries less than 1.5 percent in the polls.

I do not think Republicans should ditch their stance on social issues, but they should not create a campaign that is based on their hard-line Christian beliefs — if they want any shot at winning. If conservatives want to flex their big-government-isn’t-the-answer muscles with respect to social issues, they should respond that hot-button topics such as gay marriage should be left up to the states to decide.

Moreover, the major issue of this campaign is the direct political, personal and moral responsibility of the president and his administration for this unprecedented economic calamity that has befallen us.

Though I believe stances on social issues are important, if conservative candidates don’t stretch to the middle of the road, there will be absolutely no way they can be victorious.

Over 19 million Independents voted for President Obama in 2008, and according to an ABC Today poll conducted in 2009, over 10.5 million cast their vote due to Obama’s stance on social issues.

Now, in 2011, over 65 percent of Independents say President Obama’s handling of the economy has been poor, and also say something needs to happen in order to change it. If Republicans can find a way to emphasize economic concerns over social concerns, the Independent vote — and therefore the presidency — can be theirs for the taking.


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