SGA sponsors public safety forum: Muravchik announces new service

by Jake Hawkins
Managing Editor

The Department of Public Safety announced Wednesday night the start of an escort program, whereby it will use the recently acquired golf cart to safely transport students who feel uncomfortable moving across campus or are unable to do so.

Director of Public Safety Gregg Muravchik initiated the program with the goal of serving the Transylvania University community.

Chief Gregg Muravchik addresses campus questions about DPS in Back Cafeteria Wednesday evening.

“The purpose of the golf carts is for you all,” Muravchik said, “for our Transy community, our family.”

This announcement came as part of a larger event. The Student Government Association sponsored a public safety forum, an event organized by junior Hannah Johnson, SGA senator.

“I was on the student committee that interviewed him and he was really concerned with students’ issues and concerns,” said Johnson. “So in a way it was his idea going all the way back to his interview.”

During the forum, Muravchik addressed issues beyond the new service, including campus parking.

“We realize parking is tight,” Muravchik said, “and we’re working to fix that. Over fall break physical plant will be repainting some parking spaces and we’ll be converting some ‘No Parking’ spaces in Back Circle to spaces students can use.”

Though the event mostly consisted of questions for Muravchik, he questioned the students, too.

“What do you think of the Adopt-a-Dorm program?” Muravchik said.

The newly implemented Adopt-a-Dorm program assigns a DPS officer to each residence hall to “get to know students, get them to trust us,” said Muravchik.

Muravchik also announced that, since the fences were removed from around campus parking lots, only seven vehicles have experienced break-ins. Four of these were in the Forrer parking lot. He urged all students to make sure to lock car doors and secure valuables, even when parking in Back Circle.

Sophomore Jordan Perkins, whose vehicle was one of the seven broken into, spoke highly of DPS’s response.

“They sent a squad car out immediately to look at my car,” Perkins said, “and the next day they ran fingerprints. Unfortunately, they didn’t find anything, but it was really cool and it showed me that they really cared.”

Throughout the forum, Muravchik encouraged students to provide feedback to him and his department.

“If you have questions, if you have concerns, shoot them to me,” Muravchik said.


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