Cheers and Jeers

Cheers and Jeers by Ben Costigan

Cheers and Jeers by Ben Costigan

-Cheers to the men’s basketball team as it faced off last night against the second-ranked team in the country, the University of Kentucky Wildcats.

-Jeers to the parking situation in Back Circle. Shouldn’t our drop in enrollment have freed up a few spots?

-Cheers to the new buffalo chicken sliders in the Rafskeller, a nice change from the standard sub and chicken finger options.

-Jeers to the myth of senioritis. Anyone can find an excuse to be lazy if you look hard enough.

-Cheers to the new portion-size plates in the cafeteria. I never would have known what an appropriate serving size of green beans was without them.

-Cheers to the jack-o’-lanterns that adorned the steps of Old Morrison this past week. It was a genuinely impressive scene.

-Jeers to the second big round of tests and papers that seems to be plaguing campus at the moment.

-Cheers to senior Betsy Heines on her fifth-place finish at the Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference women’s cross-country championship.

-Jeers to the end of Keeneland’s fall meet; looks like we all have to find a new excuse to skip class on Friday afternoons.

-Cheers to the apparent repairs that have been made to the showers in Clay and Davis Residence Halls.  Although the subzero-temperature water served as a great wake-up call, it’s nice to have the option to not catch pneumonia.


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