Flash mob shows ‘Transylvania Mania’

by Jake Hawkins
Managing Editor

The town and Village School of Dance moves toe-to-toe with TU students at the Lexington Center before the game versus the UK Wildcats.

Mummies, Frankensteins and vampires met Transylvania (the university, not the spooky Romanian region) last night before the tip-off between the Pioneers and the University of Kentucky Wildcats to surprise Lexington Center crowds with a flash mob.

To those out of the loop, a flash mob is a dance and musical performance, typically in a public setting, that appears to occur spontaneously and unplanned.

Transy students, faculty and staff joined students from the Town and Village School of Dance out of Paris, Ky., to perform to “Transylvania Mania,” a song from “Young Frankenstein,” which is currently playing at the Lexington Opera House.

The event promoted both the Opera House and Transy, and members of the Transy community participating in the flash mob were treated to free tickets to a performance.

Transy students rehearsed with the professionals only once, briefly before the mob commenced, but were given the link to an online video teaching the dance steps to learn beforehand.

“The dance moves weren’t hard,” said first-year Skyler Slone. “Everyone caught on to it really quick.”

Slone, who has experience in dancing, signed up for the fun of it.

“I’ve always wanted to do a flash mob,” Slone said.

Slone said that from his perspective the crowd enjoyed it.

“It really livened up the Lexington Center,” said Slone, “and it really showed Transy’s creativity.”


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